NRG Judges, Let’s Be Thankful for the Gathering, Let’s Make Magic!

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I’m Mark Mason, L2 based in the SE Region and your Head Judge for Sunday’s $5K Modern Championship Trial. I take my responsibility to you seriously and that starts with this post.


This is YOUR weekend!

As we gather, I’ve reflected on the last time I was able to Judge with NRG–Feb 2020. After 21 months we’re back and I’m thankful! I’m also deeply committed to ensuring that you the creators of the magic are safe! Please take a moment to read this open letter to the staff, as well as, to review your logistical awareness, customer service disciplines, and specialized rules / infraction knowledge.

With that in mind, I’d like to share MY GOAL for this event:

I will TREAT this event as if it were my $15K+ going into it.

I invite you to set your own goals, as well as, to consider borrowing mine. If we all act as if it were our onw $15K+ on the line, we will have an event that people will remember for a lifetime.

Venue Address


Double Tree by Hilton Libertyville-Mundeleine – Click the Link for a Google Map to
510 IL-83 Mundelein, ILDoubleTree by Hilton Libertyville-Mundelein, 510 IL-83, Mundelein, IL

#1 Call Time

Please be at the venue and ready for excellence at 9:00 am on Sunday November 28. Be in uniform which is any black Shirt or Judge Shirt, black pants or skirt, & “mostly black” shoes. More important than shoe color is shoe comfort!

#2 CT Judge Teams

We are all ONE TEAM with ONE VISION, yet there is a division of labor.

Italic text indicated “Team Lead”

#3 Oops The Day Got Away From Us and Copy That!

There are some “Daybound/Nightbound” cards that have made way into eternal formats. If players lose track or forget, we are in GRV or Double GRV territory. If it is suitable to rewind, do so (after checking with a Team Lead or the Head Judge). If it is not suitable, leave the game as is with one other caveat: If there is a creature on the day side and another on the night side, immediately circle the Head Judge into the call.

Likewise, another change in magic is some spells now allow you to Cast a Copy. Please note, if you’re casting a copy, all the steps of casting a spell apply. This means, if players “Cast a Copy” of Prismatic Ending, X will not be automatically zero but whatever is spent when casting it.

If you have any questions while reviewing this or any other changes to the game bring them in your notebook to the Judge Meeting!

#4 Make Memories

Part of the NRG vision is memories, make each of your contacts with players and staff forms a positive one.

This also means come with your “excellence mindset”. It is every judges privilege to push in chairs, tidy our play surfaces, and to say hydrated. While always maintaining situational awareness, do sit and watch magic being played. Watching magic is among our best tools for having our presence be known by players and to prevent games from reaching an broken state we cannot fix.

To me, you are ambassadors of NRG gaming. You are the FACE of a premiere competitive magic series–embody that fully.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or unaddressed needs for this event: and/or 567-525-8343


Mark Mason

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