How to Participate in the Level Up Judge Conference on July 25

Each event had a link associated with it below.

You may click on the link and while it is live. Note: All events are (Central Time Zone).

To me the best way to participate is to dial in by your phone and watch the slides online. However, you can find all of your options by clicking the relevant links when they are live. Please note, when I post the replays the corresponding links will get you there.

9:00 am – Mark Mason – Let’s Level Up

9:30 am – Derek Heid – Level Up Learning

11:00 am – Aaron Reed – Level Up Road Map

12:30 pm – Max Kahn – Leveling Up in 2020 and Beyond (This is an optional working lunch)

2:00 pm – Marcos Sanchez – Level Up Lessons from Failure

3:30 pm – Steven Zwanger – Level Up Layers

5:00 pm – Level Up Panel Q & A (This is an optional event)

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