Getting Ahead with Judge & NRG Series Judge Manager – Max Kahn

For the first in a series of interviews, join in with Max Kahn as the strategies and systems for identifying head judges and other staff is discussed both from the perspective of a Tournament Organizer, as well as, the Judges who hope to be selected in those staffing decisions.

In this interview you will discover:

  • Max’s three categories of Judges (and why he wants some of each for bigger events)
  • How to keep on your tasks while also assessing potential judge talent
  • What goes into a staffing decision when there’s more judges than needed (and why YOUR not being staffed may not be a critique of your abilities)
  • The role players have in your growth from Floor Judge, to Team Lead, to Head Judge
  • The “A” skill (Yes, it’s a word that start with A) which epitomizes where Judging is today.
GAHJ Season 01 Episode 01 – Meeting Max Kahn, Judge Manager NRG Tournament Series.

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