For the Love of Judging – Redux / Replay

The feedback and excitement for the “For the Love of Judging Conference” is in and so are the replays. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as those who attended live!

First up, is Vince C. aka Pleasant Kenobi on the Internet. You can find PK on YouTube here and on Twitch here.

Enjoy the replay where Vince is interviewed by Ryan Sears on content creation options for judges.

After visiting the UK, we traveled to Japan where community was grown even during the pandemic. Please note, some of the options available to Japan are not endorsed or sensible for the US. However, Shyam Bhardwa’s ideas about a budget league etc. can be done 100% digitally. Check it out:

We returned to stateside for a “Rules Day” Live deep dive into “Split Cards” a very on theme subject for the holiday. Test your knowledge with Dave Elden at the link below.

Get your Non-Newtonian skills(WHAT!) and discover the ups and downs of various relationships in Judging with Meg Baum below.

Next, Isaac will provide a pathway to “Love the Rules”, as well as, explore the features of two useful websites (both of which have an active donation buttons – hint, hint).

Thanks to everyone who made this event memorable.

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