Level Up Conference Update.

Registration for the Level Up Conference is closed. However, return to this blog on 23 July 2020 for details how to gain access and limited participation.

As a multi-regional judge, it has been a goal of mine to organize a conference; however, for the same reason of multi-regionality, it’s been difficult to make the timing work! However, with digital conference being authorized for “foil support”, this makes it the perfect time for me to check off this goal.

It is my pleasure to announce the current approved presentations for the conference. I hope to connect with some more talent before announcing who is on the “Moderated Panel”.

For now we have…

9:30 am – Derek Heid – Level Up Learning: A Mind for Mastery

  • How to master the most dense, difficult materials easily and long term
  • Finding your “Growth Mindset” (and using it to transform your LGS and community)
  • Level Up “On the Level” – Getting judges, players, and LGSs on the same page for safe, fun, and educational play.

11:00 am – Aaron Reed – Level Up Road Map: The X-Factor Marks the Spot

From this presentation you will:

  • Identify your personal Level Up plan
  • Transform “Mistakes” into future success
  • Discover “Hidden Resource” in the Level Up process

12:30 pm – Max Kahn – Level Up Events in 2020 and Beyond (This is an optional working lunch)

(More on this presentation to come)

2:00 pm – Marcos Sanchez – Level Up Lessons from Failure: How You Benefit from Marcos’ Fail Attempt at Level 3 Judge.

From this presentation you will:

  • Understand your role in the Judge Academy.
  • Discover the joy of your current Judge Academy Level and Skills Tree
  • Discuss and dissect the new L2 and L3 processes with Judge Academy
  • Know and correctly time any decision to “Level Up” in Judge Academy

3:30 pm – Steven Zwanger – Level Up Layers – Get ready for a Level Up Presentation on the number one requested rules topic – Layers. Steven will train specifically for the seasoned L1 who wants Layers understanding well enough to “Ding” the L2 test.

Additionally, the panel is planned to showcase diverse views and perspectives, as well as, Level 3 judge wisdom and talent. I’m happy to announce the premier panel member – Meg Baum!

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