The Future is Now – 2 Days in Milwaukee

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Hello Judges and team,
Thank you for being a part of the first NRG Series Trial in 2022, as well as, the first ever sealed event as part of the series.

See you Feb 19 & 20 with your special skills.

Venue Information: The Wisconsin Center 400 W Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203

Welcome to the Wisconsin Center! – Wisconsin Center

Please be at the venue for…

Your Call Time:

Call time is 8:30 am. Please be “Uniform Ready”. This means, wearing a Judge Academy, NRG Series, or Regional Judge Polo ideally. Absent any of those, a black shirt may accompany your black bottoms. While black shoes are preferred, I’d rather you have it be off color and very comfortable as judging is often long days on your feet.

After the room set up, doors will open at 9:00 am. At this point, there will be judge meetings.

Meet Your Team & Other Staff:

Staff list and teams
Yes, The Staff is “Stacked” as the kids say.

Sharpen Your Skills:

For many of us, the joys and honor of judging tournaments has been absent or sporadic at best. Further, the cards published in the last years have more text and new ways to approach double faced cards adding to complexity.

Especially for the sealed event, review not only your MTR and IPG, but also peruse the release notes and the comprehensive rule changes. (For example, a vehicle can no longer crew another vehicle!)